Who We Are

Being in existence since 2006, Power Mix Music Productions promotes and supports Christian entertainment through the ministry of music. Our focus is to give you the utmost in quality of music, masterful remixing and spirit filled sounds for your varied occasions and events.

Our Founder

Ed “Get Down” Crosby
Program Director / Media Director

Intensity and creativity is no stranger to this Chicago native. For 38 years, Ed Crosby has blended, created, and programmed unprecedented combinations of vocals, bass lines, drum tracks, and melodies for many secular artist. His music career began at the young age of 14 as he worked to support his mother and two younger sisters mixing disco and house tracks.

After many years of working the club scene in 1985, Ed became a member of the famed Hot Mix 5 at WBMX (now WVAZ). He established himself to his many listeners as Ed “Get Down” Crosby. As his popularity and mix show prominence increased, he ultimately made the move in 1986 to WGCI-FM. Edward’s first opportunity for nationwide exposure came by the way of radio personality Marco Spoon with the “Super Mix Dance Party” where he served as the show’s mixer, broadcasting in over 45 markets.

Beyond the radio and club mixes, he transferred his hit-mixing disc jockey skills into a viable role as remixer and entrepreneur. In 1990, he launched Get Down Productions where he served as President and C.E.O. In 1992, he was contacted by Barbara Prieto, Program Director for WKYS -FM in Washington D.C., to serve as the mix show DJ for the Mega mix Dance Party. This transition led the mix show to increased exposure and popularity into a broader demographic.

In 1996, Ed came to Christ, this forever changed the direction of his life. Despite much opposition, he continues to flourish as a trailblazer in the Christian and Inspirational Power Jam on Gospel Radio 106. Ed’s “inspirational Jams” were broadcast in over 12 markets throughout the county on Super Radio. Dj Ed Crosby’s “Prayze Cafe Radio MixShow” can be heard on the Big Gospel Xpress 1570AM WBGX.

Sunday Afternoon
Time: 1pm – 2pm (central standard time)

His new approach to life is one of paving a new beginning one day at a time while giving all the Glory to God.

Ed “Get Down” Crosby —